About us


In 2004, David was trying to learn Russian, as he was contracting with a company in Ukraine. It was a lot of effort to drive in heavy traffic all the way across Los Angeles to meet with a Russian tutor in a coffee shop. Also the coffee shop was noisy and not appropriate for quiet study.

Skype was just getting started, so an employee in Ukraine offered to teach David over Skype. Learning from home was quiet, effective, with no need to drive in rush hour traffic.

So David decided to start My Personal Language Tutor to provide individualized, effective, one-on-one teaching over Skype. MyPLT was one of the first Skype personalized learning companies.

The results were really great. The Students did very well, and wrote in our Testimonials how happy they were with their learning progress and the convenience.

And David’s Russian? Though he failed grammar school French, with MyPLT David mastered Russian. On his travels in Russia, he met Olga, who spoke no English. David and Olga dated speaking Russian. David’s Russian must have been convincing, as Olga and David just celebrated their second wedding anniversary.

Though we do not guarantee romance to our Students, our results continue to be impressive. Our students report fun vacations, good times with grandmother-in-law in Poland, acceptance to Harvard, great jobs in other countries, flight crew language ratings, and more.