Benefits of learning language online


With My Personal Language Tutor you receive benefits that are not available elsewhere:

  • Effectiveness
  • Convenience
  • Value


My Personal Language Tutor is Personal. You are not in a class with others of different levels. We tailor your lessons to your goals and progress.

My Personal Language Tutor gives you 100% attention. Learning French in a class full of English people is impossible – we have all tried that. Instead of getting 5 minutes per hour of attention, we give you 60 minutes per hour.

The on-line environment has proven to be a perfect teaching method. Your online tutor can Instant Message difficult phrases, and then at the end of the class you can save the transcript and review it later.


The lessons are wherever you are. You can be at your desk at work, or at home, or a public place with a Wi-Fi connection. No driving to the University, meeting in coffee shops, or fitting in with a University time schedule.


Not only is My Personal Language Tutor more effective “per hour of instruction”, and much more convenient, it is also less expensive. We don’t have to pay for buildings, and our administration is computerized. It is also easier to engage online Tutors in countries where the language is spoken. We pass these savings on to you. So you gain more per hour, and pay less per hour – a double increase in value!

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