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Arabic is one of the major Languages of the World, spoken in the Middle East and North Africa by some 260 million people.

Arabic is unusual to Europeans, as the writing is "right to left". Arabic writing is ALWAYS cursive – like English handwriting – so a letter will differ slightly if it is in the beginning, middle or end of the word.

Arabic has been a literary language since the rise of Islam in the 6th Century, and was a major language of science in the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods. The Arabic language is closely connected to the study of Islam.

There are many dialects of Arabic and at the extremes these can be mutually incomprehensible. However, the official language of all countries is derived from Classical Arabic of the Quran, and is called Modern Standard Arabic.

There are many English words derived from Arabic, some of which came to English through Spanish and other languages. Recognizable words are "algebra", "alcohol" and "zenith".

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