Chinese is one of the most rewarding languages you can learn. And you can learn it with our online Chinese Language Tutors much easier than you may think.

China has again emerged as one of the strongest industrial nations of the world. Scarcely a moment passes when any of us is not touched by China’s output of high quality products, or its voracious appetite for energy and raw materials.

But China also has a continuing culture covering thousands of years. China had a sophisticated society at the time that Europe was still mediaeval.

Explore this wonderful contrast during your business trip or vacation.

In an atmosphere where personal impressions and decorum are so important, your efforts to learn the Language will be well rewarded. You will enjoy the experience of understanding the rich heritage of the Chinese people.

Mandarin Chinese is a popular Language at MyPLT. Though the characters initially seem daunting, our Students have been pleasantly surprised at their comprehension and conversation when they have visited China.

Beginning students start with Chinese in the transliterated Pinyin characters, which spell out the Chinese in the English alphabet. Then gradually you can move on to the Chinese character set.

For Students who are interested, we teach to all levels of the the HSK Chinese Proficiency Test.

Many companies will reimburse Students for taking Lessons in Mandarin Chinese, and sometimes pay extra salary to staff who can speak basic Chinese.

You want to learn English or Spanish or some other Language? We can guide the Mandarin speaker to either get started or to progress to greater fluency. Perhaps you can write English, but are struggling with conversation. Our flexibility will adapt to your level and goals.

你想学习英语,西班牙语或其他的语言吗?我们可以引导说汉语的人开始学习或更精通于任何一种你需要的语言。或者你已经会写英语,但是正在努力学习对话。 我们富有弹性的课程一定会适合你的水平和要求。

For the more serious student, we will target the “Test of English as a Foreign Language” (TOEFL) requirements.


If you want to learn Chinese language online with MyPLT, contact us and we will assign you with a Chinese Language Tutor immediately.