Although not so well-known, Dutch is a pleasant and interesting language. It belongs to the group of the West Germanic Languages and is closely related to English, German and Afrikaans. Although it may sound hard you can easily master Dutch Language with MyPLT Dutch language Tutors.

The language of famous painters like Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Gogh and Mondriaan, Dutch is spoken nowadays by around 24 million people. It is the native language of the inhabitants of the Netherlands and Flanders — the Dutch speaking northern part of Belgium — but it is also an official language in Brussels — the bilingual capital of Belgium -, Suriname, Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles.

Dutch and Flemish people identify with a multitude of dialects that can be so different that speakers from other dialects do not always understand each other. Fortunately, there is AN —Algemeen Nederlands or ‘Common Dutch’—, the standard language taught at school and used by the authorities and (most of) the media. Of course, that's the language our Dutch Language Tutors will teach you!

You would like to have gezellig coffee with your relatives in the Netherlands? Or you want to be able to order your chocolates in Dutch at your next visit to Bruges? Whatever your motivation is to learn this language, we can help you! Veel plezier!!

Wilt u Engels, Chinees of een andere taal leren?

Wij kunnen u helpen een nieuwe taal te leren of uw kennis van een taal te verbeteren. Misschien kan u Engels lezen of schrijven, maar wilt u vlotter leren communiceren? Wij passen onze lessen aan aan uw niveau en aan uw doelstellingen.

De ernstigere studenten kunnen we helpen bij de voorbereiding van de TOEFL-test (Test of English as a Foreign Language) of de ‘Cambridge English Tests’.

If you wish to learn Dutch Language online with MyPLT Dutch Language Tutors simply contact us and we will asign you with a Dutch language Tutor right away.