English is our Mother Tongue.

English has become the world's central Language, for business, travel and science. Our English Language Tutors teach either British or American English to people of all backgrounds and nationalities.

Many people have quite good English written skills, but need confidence in conversation – our English Language Tutors can help you respond to spontaneous questions using popular phrases, rather than just textbook sentences.

For the beginning Student, we provide a Tutor who is fluent both in English and your own Language. Your English language Tutor will gradually do more and more of the Lesson in English as you progress.

For Intermediate and Advanced Students, you will have an “English Only” Tutor, who does not know your own Language.

We have some highly educated English Tutors who can guide the Intermediate and Advanced Student in current affaires, business practices, culture, economics, engineering and scientific topics. Wrtten English is emphasized to perfect your precision in English.

Many international companies will reimburse Students for taking Lessons in English.

For those Students needing qualifications, we teach to TOEFL, Cambridge Tests and local tests, such as Airline Proficiency Tests.

Whether is just a few words to get started, or progress toward the “Test of English as a Foreign Language” (TOEFL) requirements, MyPLT and our English language Tutors can tailor a program for you.