French is a fun Language. French is the most popular Language at MyPLT. Our French Language Tutors even teach French to many people who live in France!

France is the world's most popular tourist destination, and our French Language Tutors' intimate knowledge of France will certainly give you some great ideas for that next trip.

Many of us learned some French in high school, but are a little nervous with conversation. For most Students, we teach very conversational French, with enough grammar to use the most popular tenses and irregular verbs.

Our Intermediate and Advanced Students cover current events in France, and submit written essays to bring precision to the Language.

We offer frequent conversation Forums to help everyone overcome a reluctance to speak French among strangers.

Many international companies will reimburse Students for taking Lessons in French.

We can give you a head start on your vacation or business meeting. Our French Language Tutors teach Parisien French, so you will sound correct in all the many Francophone nations. Bonne chance!

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Nous pouvons vous aider à débuter dans une nouvelle langue ou à progresser dans votre pratique. Peut-être pouvez-vous écrire en anglais mais avez des difficultés pour l’expression orale/les conversations? Notre flexibilité s’adaptera à votre niveau et à vos objectifs.

Pour les étudiants plus sérieux, nous visons les exigences du TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language)