Japan is one of the world's great industrial and cultural nations.

Our Japanese language Tutors can enhance your business trip or vacation. In an atmosphere where personal impressions and decorum are so important, your efforts to learn the Language will be well rewarded. You will enjoy the experience of understanding the rich heritage of the Japanese people.

Japanese is a popular Language at MyPLT. Though the characters initially seem daunting, our Students have been pleasantly surprised at their comprehension and conversation when they have visited Japan.

Beginning students start with Japanese in the transliterated rōmaji characters, which spell out the Japanese in the English alphabet. Then gradually you can move on to the Japanese character set.

For Students who are interested, our Japanese Language Tutors teach to all levels of the the Japanese Proficiency Test.

Many companies will reimburse Students for taking Lessons in Japanese, and sometimes pay extra salary to staff who can speak basic Japanese.