Polish is a Slavic language which uses the familiar Latin alphabet, which you can also learn with our Polish Language Tutors.

Polish is spoken by the 38 million people living in Poland, as well as the widespread Polish diaspora. There are large Polish-speaking populations in the United States (especially Chicago) and also in Israel, the former Soviet Union, Brazil, Canada, and Australia.

Most recently, as Poland joined the European Union, there has been a tremendous Polish migration to England. Polish food has since become a popular favorite among English people.

In total, about 50 million people speak Polish as their first language.

In May 2004, Polish became one of the official languages of the European Union.

As the largest nation of the 10 countries newly joining the EU, Poland is the focus for expansion of many European corporations and organizations.

Poland has a rich heritage, with hundreds of years of academic excellence, dating from early Medieval times. Learning Polish with our Polish Language Tutors enables you to explore the exceptional wealth of Polish literature, which includes 4 Nobel Prizes.

For business, family ties, or just for a vacation visit, some Polish will enhance your experience.

Polish is not the easiest of Languages to to learn, but you will be rewarded by the delight of the local citizens at hearing you speak their mother tongue.t to learn English, Mandarin or another Language?

Chcesz nauczyc sie angielskiego, chinskiego, a moze jakiegos innego jezyka? Pomozemy Ci rozpoczac nauke jezyka obcego lub doskonalic posiadane umiejetnosci.

A moze swietnie rozumiesz angielski, ale trudnosc sprawia Ci mówienie w tym jezyku... Dostosujemy nasz program do Twojego pozimu i Twoich potrzeb.

Przygotowujemy takze do egzaminów Cambridge oraz TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).

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