There are hundreds of reasons why you might want to learn Brazilian Portuguese, some of them listed below. The journey you will take while learning Portuguese can be much more exciting and much easier with MyPLT Portuguese language Tutors

Brazilian Portuguese is one of the more Romantic languages and is well suited for expressing matters of the heart. It is a poetic and very melodic language. With the popularity of Brazilian music, such as Bossa Nova and Samba interest in Brazil and Brazilian Portuguese has also increased. The Brazilian Carnival as well as the New Year's Eve festivities in Copacabana are world renowned.

Brazil is slightly larger than the continental USA with approximately one sixth of the population; there are abundant natural resources and an extensive coastline, much of which is still unpopulated. It is truly a tropical paradise and can cater to those looking for urban fun and nightlife as well as to the most demanding eco-tourists.

Our Portuguese Language Tutors are usually Brazilian and can offer tips and suggestions for your next trip.

Portugal is considered Europe's West Coast. One could compare Portuguese from Portugal (its origin) and Brazilian Portuguese to British English and American English.

Lisbon is one of the few European Capitals with both a river and a coastline. The Portuguese are well known for their amiability and hospitality. Madeira Island is one of the world's finest destinations and the Portuguese wines are an art form that has taken centuries to perfect.

An interesting note: it has often been observed that those who speak Portuguese can generally understand Spanish as well as some Italian and French, where the reverse seems to be more difficult.

Many international companies will reimburse Students for taking Lessons in Portuguese.

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