Spanish is a world Language, alongside Mandarin, Arabic and English. In some countries, many immigrants speak only Spanish – so Spanish may be the most useful Second Language for the English speaker. Most of our students also think Spanish is the easiest Language to learn, which may have something to do with the ability of our Spanish Language Tutors.

Our Spanish Language Tutors can help the businessperson going to Madrid, the vacationer sunning in Acapulco, or the homeowner chatting to a construction crew in Los Angeles. Let our Spanish Language Tutors tailor a program to your level and objectives.

Especially in the United States, Spanish is becoming essential to the business owner, the teacher and the physician. In an increasing number of places, most of your employees, students and patients will only speak Spanish. We have a special program for Spanish in the Healthcare Environment, targeted toward Physicians, Nurses and other healthcare workers. Speaking some Spanish hugely improves the rapport with the Latino patient. For most Students, our Spanish language Tutors teach very conversational Spanish, with enough grammar to use the most popular tenses and irregular verbs.

Our Intermediate and Advanced Students cover current events in Spain and Latin America, and submit written essays to bring precision to the Language.

We offer frequent conversation Forums to help everyone overcome a reluctance to speak Spanish among strangers.

Many companies will reimburse Students for taking Lessons in Spanish, and sometimes pay extra salary to staff who can speak basic Spanish.

¿Quiere aprender Ingles o Chino Mandarin o algun otro idioma? Ofrecemos la guia para que los hispanohablantes puedan comenzar a estudiar estos idiomas o mejorar su fluidez en los mismos. Tal vez usted pueda escribir en Ingles, pero tiene dificultades con sus habilidades de conversacion. Nuestro método flexible se adaptará a su nivel y expectativas.

Para el estudiante mas serio, nos enfocaremos en el "Test of English as a Foreign Language" (TOEFL), "Examen de Ingles como Idioma no-Nativo".