Ukrainian is the only official language of Ukraine, though many people speak Russian as an alternate language. We offer Ukraine Language Tutoring for anyone in love with this country or for people that have ties in the Ukraine.

Ukrainian is a Slavic language, a little similar to Russian, and is spoken by about 41 million people in Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, and in enclaves around the world.

1,000 years ago, Ukraine was in its Golden Age. The history then became turbulent, and the Country really regained its current autonomy only with the breakup of the Soviet Union.

People generally learn Ukrainian because of family ties, or love of the literature. Taras Shevchenko is the giant of Ukrainian literature, and statues of him abound in Kiev.

The heavy industry of Soviet times has yielded to high technology outsourcing and other light industry. The big promise is agriculture. Ukraine is the largest country in Europe, with rich soil and a mild climate. The flag simulates the blue sky over a field of grain. This charming country promises to be a major factor in feeding the world’s population.

Ukraine is a tourist paradise, with no visa restrictions, excellent value hotels and restaurants, glorious views, the warm coast of the Black Sea or the tranquility of the Carpathian Mountains. With the help of our Ukraine Language Tutors it can be much better as you could also chat to the local people!

Бажаєте вивчати англійську, китайську чи будь-яку іншу мову? Ми допоможемо вам вивчити нову мову та удосконалити мову, яку ви вже опанували. Можливо, ви добре пишете англійською, але маєте деякі труднощі під час розмови або слушного застосування мови. Удосконалюйте свій рівень разом з нами!

А всім бажаючим допоможемо підготуватися до іспитів з англійської мови: Cambridge English Tests чи TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).

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