Read Some Comments And Reviews We Received From Our Clients

Charles August 2016


Ligia is a great teacher – enthusiastic and passionate about language acquisition

GeorgeJuly 2016

Washington State

David, Anne and I had a great lesson and I would like to continue. In fact, we already scheduled it for August 2nd at 4.

Erik July 2016


Hello all, I have great news! I got accepted into the xxx academy. I'll email you all as soon as I'm able to start classes again. Thank you all for your support and I hope to start classes with you all again soon.

Michael July 2016

New York

David, Enjoyed my chat with Anne/Anna. We have scheduled for next week; Thanks...

Max June 2016


We just did the first lesson. Alejandra is perfect for me.

Nancy Zabe June 2016


I have been taking Spanish classes with Alejandra Luna for a number of months. Alejandra is an excellent teacher and I have greatly appreciated he classes for help working with Spanish speaking business associates.

Kayann June 2016


Hi David, I enjoyed my lesson with Alejandra and would like to continue on Tuesdays and Fridays - twice per week. How do I register and pay? Thank you.

Gulkaiyr May 2016


Dear David, Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your time. Thank you for helping me with my homework. Thank you for explaining things until I understand. Thank you for making me do my best. Thank you for helping to improve my English skills. Thank you for helping to write essays. Thank you for being my teacher. When I need your help, my teacher, I know that you will help me. Thank you for help. You are the best teacher that I ever met in my life. I wish I had a chance to say a proper thank you in person for being such a fantastic teacher. With gratitude, Gulkaiyr 

Julie May 2016


Thank Maria- I am most grateful to you for your long attention to my Spanish education. I've enjoyed hearing your perspective-geographical/generational- on everything. Thanks so much for your care...your students are very lucky to have you. Julie 

Vivien May 2016


Thank you for the lessons and I hope you and your wife are well.  

James May 2016


Thank you for the great customer service and for allowing me to work with Masako.   She is a great teacher.    

Shadi May 2016

New York

Thank you for your help today! I am very lucky. Always appreciate your help and kindness!! Shadi    

Jane October 2015


I remain a big fan and tell anyone who will listen how great your operation is   

Lisa June 2015


Thank you.  My daughter is at summer camp until August and will resume lessons when she returns   

Ata June 2015


Thanks so much - have an amazing day   

Tom June 2015

Las Vegas

You were able to connect me with amazing French, Italian, and Mandarin Tutors.  I'm a multilingual tour guide, but without Severine, Ileana, and Mieguan, I would just be a regular tour guide.  Their help and yours has made all this possible - thank you   

Beatrice May 2015


I would like resume my lessons with My Personal Language tutors as its really an efficient program.   

Vivien May 2015


Thank you very much for providing a great opportunity to study French.   

Limian May 2015


My colleague wanted to learn Korean from you - of course because I told her you are awesome.   

Jill May 2015

New York

Naomi is a really good teacher.   

Wes May 2015


I have been taking German lessons and I have found them quite excellent.   

Shadi April 2015

New York

I am so happy.  I have been voted as Chief Resident!  I am so thankful for your help with English and my documents.  You changed my life.   

Steve April 2015

North Carolina

I've been doing Lessons with Anita, and it is going very well.   

Jacob April 2015


I'm loving it!   

Alex March 2015


I've been using MyPLT for both French and German for the past two and a half years and it has been a great experience.  Thanks so much, Alex.   

Steve March 2015


David. With your help, most of my students have received offers to US schools - some have received 6 offers!  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and extra efforts over the past few months.  I am looking forward to working with you again next "season".   

Herika February 2015


It's perfect!  Thanks so much for this wonderful service. Herika.   

Natalia March 2015


Hello David: We are so happy that you are Andrews English teacher.  He looks forward to his lessons and we never need to remind him of the lessons.   

Christine February 2015


David, yesterday was my first day at my new job! Thank you so much for the English interview practice.   

Jean Jacques February 2015

New Brunswick

Dear Michelle, I just want to tell you all the best of my new teacher, David.  He is exactly the tutor I dreamed to meet for long weeks, and we start lessons for the next weeks.  I feel confident that I have found someone who will help me reach the CPSA required score for TORFLiBT.   

Ursula January 2015


The personal statement you helped me with got me accepted at my favorite university, thank you!!   

Christine January 2015


David, thank you so much for help with the interview practice.  The interview went well and I felt so much more confident, and its thanks to YOU!   

Julia January 2015

Hong Kong

Thank you for setting me up with Audrey. With best wishes, Julia.   

Susannah January 2015

United Kingdom

I have had my first lesson and it went well.  I enjoyed it very much - it was great to spend time speaking Italian and revising the rules I have learnt at classes.   

Mark January 2015

New York

Thank you for the free lesson with MyPLT.  I learned a lot.  I am excited about the opportunity to learn Spanish.  Please sign me up for next Sunday.   

Michele January 2015


Michelle, I am really enjoying lessons with Birgit.  Thank you and  hope your 2015 is off to a good start.   

Jane November 2014


Michelle, I would like to thank you for the wonderful teachers you provided me with for the past several months.   

Andrey October 2014


In my English class I received the top mark.   

Byron September 2014


Hello Michelle, just wanted you to know we loved the lesson for Valeria and would like to continue with Anne and the lessons.   

Jill September 2014


Hi Dave:  just to say that I enjoyed my Italian lessons with Cettina.  She is a good teacher and did a good job in the allotted time.   

Jim September 2014


I am really enjoying my work with Masako-sensei.  She is exceptionally patient and helpful.  As a working parent, my time is very limited, but this academic outlet is as refreshing as taking a 5 mile run.  I think this concept of distant learning work very well and is a valuable portion of my life.   

Jane August 2014

Los Angeles

Michelle, I want to thank you for the day that you introduced me to Cettina.  She has taken me back to the beginning and made sure I have learned properly before progressing to the next lesson.  She is always ready to answer questions whether it relates to grammar or the culture of Italy.    

Sarah August 2014


Thanks so much - Jinyi is a wonderful teacher.   

Nick August 2014

New Jersey

Cettina is a great teacher.   

Bartool August 2014


Our first lesson went great!  Claudine is an excellent teacher.   

Agustin July 2014


I have been using you guys for a couple of years and I am very happy.   

Josh June 2014


You guys have hooked me up with Farsi in the past. By special request, which I appreciate.   

Gloria June 2014


Severine is an excellent teacher. She is patient, personable, kind and understands the challenges one faces when learning a new language.  I hope to continue learning with her.    

Rebecca May 2014


I really appreciate it.  Just so you know Jack is a great teacher!  Really enjoy working with him and he has a lot of great insights.  As always Simone is fantastic and Aurora's German which was zero when she started is fluent now.  Although some of that can be put down to living in German the vast amount is due to Simone.  Thank you and your team for your great work! Rebecca    

Sarah May 2014


Jinyi is great! God bless, Sarah    

Jane May 2014


Michelle, I am a student of Italian at a local college; however, I have had a very difficult time in pronunciation and the placing of the correct stress of the word, especially the third person plural.  Anne is wonderful and extremely patient with me.  For the first time in a year, I feel that I am finally able to pronounce the words correctly.  I cannot say enough on how wonderful I think Anne is and I look forward to each lesson. Sincerely, Jane.    

Jerry April 2014


Hi Michelle, I just enjoyed a very pleasant first lesson with Anne.  Her Italian was perfect for me and we have arranged another lesson for next Monday.  Many thanks for your guidance. Jerry.   

Daniela April 2014

West Virginia

Thank you very much for the nice service.  I just had my first lesson with Anne.  I like her style very much and booked more lessons.  Please let me know how I need to pay.  Thanks Daniela.   

Rafael April 2014


David. I had my trial class with Daniela yesterday.  It went very well so I would like to sign up and continue the lessons with her.   

Steven April 2014


David. All the US high schools send admission letters to students around March.  So far most of the students you helped have got admission.  Thanks for your help. Steve.   

Ursula April 2014


Thank you for finding David for me.  After the trial I feel satisfied.   

Szymon March 2014


Chiara is a very good teacher, I really appreciate her approach.   

Peter March 2014

Las Vegas

Olga is awesome.  Both Carole and I adore her. She is a fantastic teacher, and a delightful person.   

Paul February 2014

New Jersey

I just wanted to let you know that my Italian classes with Anne are going extremely well. She is always willing to do what works best for me.  She is funny, witty and a good story teller, especially in Italian.   

MartinFebruary 2014


I am very happy to take lessons with Tanja.  She has my highest endorsement.  As a teacher and trainer she is extremely well organized and takes a very logical approach to problem solving and student education.

Sharaf February 2014


I've had a good experience with Maria

Tom February 2014

Las Vegas

Ileana (Italian) & Severine (French) are gems also.  Whatever you do to find these tutors is working! Thanks so much.

Tom February 2014

Las Vegas

Michelle, my Mandarin tutor is the best!  She is kind and patient.  We are making great progress.  Thank you so much for
connecting us.

Paul February 2014


Hi Michelle, Linda is great.  We are very happy to have her as Cian's tutor.

Chelsea February 2014


I really enjoyed my complimentary trial, and would like to continue with Dutch lessons with Nick.

Jeremy January 2014


Olga, you have been a wonderful teacher, and you always made me feel good about my achievements in Russian.  I have very much enjoyed studying with you.

Steve January 2014


It is the new year eve in China now. Thanks for your help over the past year!  All the students like your revisions and comments very much.  By the way, the students you helped have been admitted to top boarding schools.

Jennifer January 2014


Good Day David, I have had a very good experience with the Polish teacher you assigned my through MyPLT

Blanca January 2014


Hi Michelle, I had my Trial Lesson with Anne, and I would like to buy a Lesson Package

Elise December 2013


I just finished my intro lesson with Aniela. It was great

Suzanne December 2013


Hi Carol, Thanks again for our complimentary trial class this past Tuesday. We very much enjoyed and are studying! We look forward to continuing classes with you


Carolee December 2013

New York

Dear David, I wanted to let you know that I an so happy with my French Lessons with Claudine, and my Italian with Francesca.  Even though it can be challenging learning 2 languages simultaneously, they both make it an incredibly fun experience.  I have learned a lot so far and enjoy my lessons.  I highly recommend both of them for French and Italian.

Marie December 2013

Washington DC

Michelle, I just completed my trial lesson with Daniela and it went well.

Rebecca November 2013


David: thank you and Simone for finding me a great Chinese teacher! Jack is wonderful. I am very impressed. And as always Simone is a fantastic German teacher for my daughter. It is a pleasure working with your company.

Camelia November 2013

New York

Dear Simone: Thank you for introducing Camelia to Claudine. Camelia says it is a pleasure to learn with
Claudine every Sunday. Camelia's mom.

Vivien November 2013


Thank you so much for providing this opportunity.  Best Wishes. Vivien.

Ammon November 2013


Hello David and Hitomi: I wanted to say thank you for the complimentary Japanese lesson. 
I quite enjoyed my lesson with Hitomi and I think I can learn a lot from her.

Maureen November 2013


Mona is an excellent teacher and I hope to continue to make progress.  Thank you, Maureen

Steve November 2013


Lots of students told me that your mock interview and essay comments really helped them.

Nikqin November 2013


Hi teacher - my mum and father is very grateful for you helping me with my USA interview, and welcome when you to go to China

Anne November 2013


Hi David, Thanks for taking care of this so quickly

Nancy November 2013

San Francisco

Dear Tanja, I just wanted to let you know that I passed the German B1 exam with 87%.  I was happy with that score, as I found it to be a bit challenging.  Thank you again for all you did to help me prepare for the exam. Best regards, Nancy

Luigi November 2013


As there are no jobs in Italy, I asked MyPLT to help me with English Interview practice to apply for an English-speaking job in Qatar.  The interview was a success, and I got the really good job, and I am taking the plane to Qatar today.  I have recommended you to all my friends in Italy.  Thanks so much for your wonderful help. Luigi

Roberto November 2013

New York

Dear support team.  I had a trial lesson with Anne yesterday and it went well, I am please with the quality of her work.

Ruth November 2013


Hi Michelle, I think I had my last lesson today with Ileana.  If so I just want to thank you for a wonderful learning experience!  Ileana is a wonderful teacher and a lovely person.  I am glad that I found you and hope to come back as a student again in the future!  Ruth

Vasu November 2013

New Jersey

Hi Michelle, how are you? We really liked Maayan and want to continue to have her tutor my daughter once a week. Thanks.  Vasu

Karla October 2013

San Diego

Hi Michelle, Just to let you know that I enjoyed the sample class with Ann, she is really nice.  

Steve October 2013


David, all the students you have helped have been accepted into the USA 

Luigi October 2013


Hi David, I had the interview with the company in Qatar which went very well thanks to your help.  I start in Qatar next week 

Soeren October 2013


Hi David, I am learning Spanish with Rafa during the week which is great and I would like another Tutor for the weekends 

Rachel October 2013


Hi David, I had my lesson and it was good 

Maureen October 2013


Hello Michelle, I have just had a very nice lesson with Mona.  She helped me so much.  Thank you, Maureen

Rosie September 2013


I am a member at MPLT, and I am writing to thank you for pairing me with Ligia. I took Portuguese lessons from her for three months this year in preparation for a trip to Brazil, and although I was new to Portuguese, by the end of three months I was able to converse in the language. Besides patiently helping me with pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar, she also helped introduce me to Brazilian culture.  Ligia has a wonderfully positive attitude which made her lessons enjoyable. Her encouragement increased my confidence level, and her use of humor and music made the lessons fun and exciting. Ligia is professional, reliable and diligent. She prepared for each lesson and was always on time. 

Roya September 2013

Washington DC

Hi David, It is perfect and I am so happy about it. It sounds good to be the final statement. Thank you so much. Regards, Roya

Ayidh September 2013


Hello, Mr.David - I have enjoyed the lesson yesterday and Sylvain is great person.

Sharon August 2013

Las Vegas

David, thank you so much for the referral of Chiara.  We had our first lesson today and she was very professional.  I think I will do well with her approach.

Reinhard August 2013


Antonia received very good grades for entrance to a very good college, especially in English, thanks to lessons with MyPLT  

Carolee August 2013

New York

By the way, I recommended my sister to study Mandarin and she is very happy with the tutor you have matched her with recently.   

Paolo August 2013


you are absolutely the best!! 

Marie August 2013

New York

Hi David: I had my complimentary trial Mandarin lesson this morning with Yao and thought it was great!  She seems very nice and patient as a teacher.   

Pooria August 2013


Hi David, The first lesson was amazing and I really enjoyed talking with you.I learnt lots of new things and it was quite useful.I was lucky to be able to find such a good friend. I hope that in near future I will be able to travel to the USA and talk to you directly   

Alexis August 2013


Good Morning, My son enjoyed the trial lesson and really learned.  Thanks. Alexis   

Nicholas August 2013


Juan is great.  

Michael August 2013


That's great.  Tanja is excellent.  

Cesare August 2013


I like your way to teach David

Isaac August 2013


I am currently a student working with a Spanish tutor that MyPLT set me up with. I love my classes!

RW August 2013


Elena is a great find!

Kevin August 2013

New Jersey

Hi David, so far I've had the initial French lesson along with a second with Marie.  I am going to continue working with her.  I like
her approach and patience.  It appears you've got a great a great French speaking resource!

Agustin July 2013


This email is simply to let you know that Chiara is an amazing instructor!! in just a few classes I almost feel like my level has climbed up a few notches! Her approach is EXTREMELY effective for learning and I truly look forward to each class with her! She is great! Thanks again. Best Regards, Agustin

BH July 2013


Hi David, After going through my first lesson, I would definitely like to start taking lessons with Jinyi.

Elisa July 2013


Daniela been a great teacher this past 2 years

Christina July 2013


My brother is a real fan of your program.

Carolee July 2013

New York

Dear David,  I am very pleased with Claudine as my French instructor, thank you very much.

Anne July 2013


I very much enjoyed Bruno's friendly, professional approach to teaching

Anthony June 2013


thank you very much for your quick reply, looking forward too learning via your site

Terry June 2013

San Francisco

Hi Michelle: thank you for the outstanding support you provide!,terry.

Nicholas June 2013


Hello Simone and team at MyPLT, I am writing regarding my recent lesson with JM.  She worked with me and my schedule so wonderfully and was incredibly kind and patient while I tried to set up a first time for us to meet. Ma Juan was on top of the appointment, 9pm, and at exactly 9:00pm last night, I received a call from a very friendly and kind voice. Throughout the lesson, she was patient and helpful. Most teachers, especially when learning a difficult language like Chinese, let me slide by without proper pronunciation and give me a pat on the back for trying. Ma Juan was sure that I was doing what I signed up to do: Learn Chinese! She helped me tremendously in just one hour and was not only a great guide, but a great listener. Her lesson plan was great also. Needless to say more, I am so very well pleased and happy with the match. I look forward to the road ahead with JM and MyPLT.

Lisa June 2013

Washington DC

Hello David, I really enjoyed my lesson with Anne. Lisa

Nadya June 2013


Maayan is a fantastic tutor and I really enjoyed my classes. I will be happy to recommend MyPLT to my friends in the future. Best wishes, Nadya

Steve June 2013

New Jersey

David: I was just back from China. Thanks for your help and wonderful work!

Gary June 2013


Yes your crew has already set me up thank you.Looking forward to classes.

Gill June 2013


Many thanks for making this such an easy process. Gill

Agustin June 2013


Hi David: First and foremost I was extremely happy with Celine as my Italian instructor. She was extremely professional. I am extremely happy with myplt and have referred the website to people I know - Regards Agustin.

Christopher June 2013


My instructor has been terrific

Jeffrey June 2013


David, The lesson with Claudine went great last night.

Naomi May 2013

Washington DC

Hi, David, Claudine was great, and the lessons were helpful. Best naomi

Jocelyn May 2013


Hi David, Theodore is graduating high school and heading off to an ivy league education at the Wharton school of business at the university of Pennsylvania. All through high school he has struggled with German! It didn't come naturally to him. Thankfully, My Personal Language Tutor came to the rescue. Theo was able to set his own schedule with Simone and he was tutored in the convenience of his own home! I never had to drive him anywhere and the cost was reasonable enough that he could schedule a session whenever he needed one. Simone was wonderful! Please tell her how much Theo enjoyed his time with her.  Your service was invaluable to my son. Thank you again, Jocelyn

Robyn May 2013


Michelle, we have really enjoyed having Ji as my daughter's tutor this year! She is very patient and encouraging even while maintaining high expectations. My daughter has shown quite a bit of improvement.  We look forward to starting up again in the fall. Thanks for your assistance in getting us started. This has been a wonderful experience. Best wishes, Robyn (mother of Laurel)

Steve May 2013


David: I do appreciate your help! The two students you helped last week have just got offers today. So far, all the students you helped got at least one offer from US private high school or middle school. Steve

Kimberley May 2013


Jesse has come to the end of his 12 year homeschool journey and is on his way to College. I leave only with good recommendations for any who would ask my opinion. Thank you for your consistent professional service.

Sanford May 2013


I have had the free lesson and I am quite satisfied with my tutor, Claudine

Maria May 2013


Thanks very much, David! MyPLT is fantastic, looking very forward to beginning with Jessica. Best, Maria

Michael April 2013


Hello First lesson went really well, enjoyed it, will be continuing.

Rob April 2013


David,  first off,,, thanks for the years of amazing service to our family!

Nadya April 2013


Hello Michele, I had my trial lesson with Maayan this morning. It went well and I really enjoyed it. I would like to continue have classes with her on a weekly basis. Thank you. Best regards, Nadya

Helena April 2013

Washington DC

Michelle, I really like both my German and my Japanese teachers.  Thanks for helping me find the right fit for my language needs right now. Sincerely,Helena

Crispin April 2013

New Jersey

Hi Michelle, Had my 2nd lesson with Maayan and it was great.  I’m learning a lot from them and Maayan is a very good teacher.

Ava April 2013


We very much enjoyed working with Laurent. He's an excellent teacher and worked well with Ava.

Janell April 2013


Johanna is great! I'm very happy with the instruction. Janell

Colum April 2013


Hi David, I am very happy with Audrey

Helen March 2013

United Kingdom

Dear David: I had my first trial lesson with Martha on Friday. It went well and I would like to continue.

Zezheng March 2013


Hi Michelle, I had my first class last night, it was good! We already scheduled the next class on the coming Sunday. Thanks. Zezheng

William March 2013


Yulia is excellent.  I go to Ukraine on Sunday.  When I get back I look forward to hitting it hard as I would like to become proficient with Russian. Thanks again for your help. Regards, Bill

Miguel March 2013


I really like the lessons with Daniela

Natalia March 2013


Olga, hello. Thank you David for a great lesson. Andrew was worried it would be shy, but after class said that he loved David, and he will deal with great pleasure. Of course, I'm very glad.

Peter March 2013


Thank you!! Yuliya is great. I think that we're going to work well together, and that I'll be able to learn a lot from her.

Shadi March 2013

Los Angeles

David, I can't stop crying, this was DREAM OF MY LIFE... I dont know how to thank you. With your hekp I matched for my physician internship. THANK YOU

Shakeima March 2013

New York

Hi Michelle, My lesson with Olga today went very well and I plan on having a lesson with her tomorrow and continuing. - Shakeima

Heidi March 2013


Hi all, I just want to say how excited we are to continue with this program.  Claudine spent an hour with Zack and it was a great session.  He really likes how she is teaching the grammatical rules and he likes her personality.  I also want next week's session to include Robyn, Zack's friend.

Sarah February 2013


Hi Michelle, I had my free session with Claudine yesterday and it was great.  What is the next step? -Sarah

Kim February 2013


David, Johanna did a great job - kim

Matt February 2013

United Kingdom

David: Thank you very much for the intorduction to Javi, the lesson was held at a suitable pace and I very much enjoyed his company.

Nathan February 2013


Hello David, I truly appreciate your help. The extra hours you spent in helping me has already been beyond a one hour class. Regards Nathan

Kyle February 2013


My name is Kyle, I am a past student of yours with Anita.  I first want to say she is wonderful

Phil February 2013


Audrey would be great if possible, I really learned a lot with her. Thanks! Phil

Steve February 2013


David: By today, all the students you helped for preparing interview and essay have received at least one US private school admission. Many thanks for your wonderful mock interview and essay revision. I will forward more students in next few months! Steve

Gloria February 2013


Sandrine is very nice and is a good teacher

Bethany February 2013


Hello David, I was very pleased with Claudine and her lesson. We laughed and had a good time, she's very patient.

Michael February 2013


David, The lesson today went well and I would like to proceed with 2 lessons per week, Monday and Thursday mornings for 1 hour each.

Tom February 2013

Las Vegas

Dear super tutor :o) - I am extremely happy with the lessons you put together for me and appreciate your work very much.
I look forward to my lessons and couldn't be happier about the great chemistry between us.  Thank you so much for your dedication and effort you put into these lessons. You are very much appreciated!

Adrianna January 2013


The lesson was extremely useful today. Thank you very much, Adriana 

Andrea January 2013

New York

I am quite fluent now. 

Jodi January 2013

New York

Hi David, Im super excited!! Thanks, Jodi

John January 2013


David;    My first lesson with Paul was very good.

Kaci January 2013


I loved my lesson with Daniela! I'd like to sign up to take a one hour lesson twice a week.

Keith January 2013


Awesome lesson

Adriana January 2013


Hi Dave, Thank you so much. I liked the lesson very much.

Enrico January 2013


Dear David and Celine: We do wish you the very best and thank you Celine for your fine tutelage. Enrico

Lori January 2013

West Virginia

Hello David: I just want to tell you that I just had a lesson w/ Audrey and it was perfect!  I will like to continue lessons with her.  Bonne Annee and I'm so glad to continue learning with My PLT!

Poonam January 2013

New Jersey

I learned a lot from you and thanking very much for your cooperation. Thanks Poonam

Amanda January 2013

New York

Hello David and Adriana, I just had my first skype lesson with Adriana and it was otimo! I'd like to continue studying with Adriana, perhaps twice a week for an hour and a half for the next six weeks

Gary January 2013


Hi David, I decided to try out MyPLT last summer just to keep my conversational skills active. I found it very
helpful and will probably do so again over the summer this year. Thanks again, Gary

Yunji January 2013

New York

Hi David, we had the first lesson and I like Margaret very much.  We have set for each Tuesday and Thursday for two one hour lessons each week. Thanks Yunji

Frank January 2013

New Jersey

Hi Michelle, Thank you for all of your help in the past and I hope you had a great holiday. My lessons with Cesar are working well and I want to continue.

Betty January 2013


I tell everyone about your company; I recommend it all the time.

Ryoko December 2012


I love learning languages through MyPLT, I appreciate I can learn online.

Carol December 2012


Thanks -I will continue to recommend your service

Virginia December 2012


Muy amable, thank you for letting me know.  By the way, Silvia is a WONDERFUL teacher! take care and happy new year,

Shadi December 2012

Los Angeles

This is the note from program director which I received it today!!! I am very excited, I wanted to share with you and I don't know how to say thank you, Yow are the best and the most wonderful mentor I ever had.

Kimberley December 2012


Thank you for your excellent service and timely support. I always highly recommend MYPLT and will continue. Kimberley

Vivien November 2012


Thanks, David, I really enjoy the lessons and thank you for operating MyPLT for all of us who love to learn foreign languages. Vivien

Ivan November 2012

New Jersey

Hi,We've had our trial lesson.  It was pretty good.

Faye November 2012

United Kingdom

Hi David, Audrey was fantastic. I look forward to continuing lessons with her.  Thanks and best, Faye

Jill November 2012

San Francisco

We found each other and the lesson went great, Thanks very much. Jill

Emi November 2012


Hi David, I had a trial class with Margaret and it was a great class, thank you, Emi.

Susan November 2012


Thank you for everything!  Katja continues to be great and patient.

Elina October 2012


I just wanted to say that Laurent is an amazing teacher, we find him really engaging, interactive, and he really cares about Ava (my daughter) learning the language correctly. We've been impressed and pleased. Just wanted to pass this compliment. Thank you. Elina

Vladi October 2012


Hi David, Our first lesson went very well and I've enjoyed it a lot.  Thank you, Anna!!!    I would like to continue with the lessons. Cheers. Best, Vladi

Melissa October 2012

New York

I am very pleased with Juan Carlos. Thank you for finding me an instructor de Espana.

Carol October 2012


I am enjoying my lessons with Christine. Carol

Gyung October 2012


Thank you, Michelle and David. I enjoyed the trial lesson. Piraye was an excellent teacher though, friendly and helpful. 

Susan October 2012

Washington DC

BTW, it's great getting back in the swing of things.  Once again, your program is invaluable:  I would have had to have dropped out of a regular class because of my crazy work schedule these past few months, and would have therefore lost the money I paid.  As it is, I can resume exactly where I stopped, and Katja has been great at getting my brain back up to speed. Best,  Susan

Elizabeth October 2012


David, I just completed my trial lesson with Anne and enjoyed it.  How do I now sign up and pay for regular lessons?

J.R. October 2012


Cesar is great to work with! He always accommodates my schedule, has varied and wonderful ways to keep
me engaged with the language, and is fun. I am so pleased I found your company and you paired him as my tutor. Thanks for your great service. Best wishes, J.R.

Myra October 2012

South Africa

HI Michelle:  I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your efficient running of this programme. As you know I have and will continue to refer people to you thanks to your excellent service.  I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank Juan Carlos formally.  Thank you Juan Carlos for everything you gave me. You are a consumate professional and an exceptional teacher and I have enjoyed and valued our time together.  I wish you both all the best going forward. 

Jim September 2012

San Diego

Hi Michelle, Thank you.  Francesca was really great.  I'm very excited to continue.  Thank you for making this happen so quickly. I hope you have a great week. Jim

Noe September 2012


Dear David, just wanted to thank you for all your help with Myplt and with the portuguese lessons you set up with me. Daniela has been very helpful and a great teacher. I have learned much from her. Thank you once again for everything and a special thank you to your teacher, Daniela.

Myra September 2012

South Africa

Hi I have referred a friend to you for german lessons.  I am a huge fan but then i have the best spanish teacher ever thanks to you!!  Myra

Erica September 2012

New York

Hi Michelle- I just wanted to send a note to let you know that I am really happy with my new Arabic tutor, Baraa. It's only been about two weeks with Baraa so far but I am confident I will continue to improve my language skills with him. He's great.  Also, I will happily recommend MyPLT to anyone looking to learn a language because it can't be a fluke that I've had
two great tutors so far! Thanks for connecting us and have a great week! Erika

Pat September 2012


Jenny is wonderful and I'm learning lots.   pat

Ryan September 2012


Hi Michelle. The lesson w Naomi was great.

Marie-Josee September 2012


I really like my new teacher Juan Marcos … He is smart, friendly and he speak 95% of the time in Spanish which is perfect to learn fast !!! It is easy to understand him, he has a perfect Spanish !!!****

Myra September 2012

South Africa

Fantastic, incredible, brilliant, gentle, supportive, entertaining are just a few words I would use to describe my lessons with Juan Carlos.. It was hard for me in the beginning because I hate to feel like such and idiot and make so many mistakes. I am a lecturer so I know how hard it is to teach well. Six months later and I still look forward to and totally love every second with him.. Here in South Africa there are not many opportunities to speak Spanish so my time with Juan Carlos is so very precious and important. In such a short amount of time I have improved sufficiently that I can now work in Spanish. This is a testament to how talented he is. He is versatile, pays attention to the details and adapts his style so that my learning experience matches my pace. Thank you so much and a huge thank you to Juan Carlos.... the world's greatest Teacher in my books!!

Isaac September 2012


Michelle!! I just had my first lesson with Jenny. I am STOKED. This will be really helpful to me. We have set up our first actual class for next Monday.

Carol August 2012


Hi Michelle, I had my first trial lesson last night with Christine, and would like to continue studying with her.  Carol

Mary Beth August 2012


Thanks so much this has been a great service!

Laila August 2012


Scott tested the highest out of Spanish at Colorado  State University

Razan August 2012


Dear Michelle, I just had my first trial lesson with Celine and it was WONDERFUL !

Michael August 2012


Hi, David,  Thanks so much for your prompt reply. I had a great experience with MPLT.  All the best, Michael

Steven August 2012


thank you very much again David for the research and explanation...your company is a cracker jack...I can't tell you how impressive it is to be responded to so well...

Dustin August 2012


Hey Michelle, I had my free lesson with Marialuz just now and she's great. Thanks!  Dustin

David August 2012


Im a huge fan of this service.  Thanks for being awesome!

Mark August 2012

New Jersey

I am enjoying it.  Thank u

Eva August 2012

New Jersey

Dear MyPLT team, Thank you for the statement. Laurent is a great teacher. Best wishes, Eva

Gary August 2012


Just to say that I learned a lot with Niv. My reading and speaking ability has improved considerably in just a few short weeks with his help, and he supplied me with very useful and interesting materials to work on between lessons. I really enjoyed this interactive online format and would highly recommend your company to anyone I know who is interested in learning another language. Thanks again, Gary

Tim August 2012


Hi David, thank you for setting me up with Jenny.  We had our introductory lesson last night and it went very well.  She is very patient and a good teacher.  I would like to continue lessons with her.

Jose August 2012

New York

Hi Maria, Im very grateful for the time you dedicated to teaching me French and I will continue to build from there. Best, Jose.

Ryan August 2012

New York

Thank you for everything and best of luck. :) -Ryan

Monica August 2012


It has been so nice working with you - Sincerely,    Monica

Jeanice July 2012

United Kingdom

Hi Olga:  Just want to let you know that I had my trial lesson with Juan Carlos and enjoyed it very much. I would like to go for more lessons. I am initially looking at one hour per week to see how it goes. Could you please let me know what I need to do to make payment etc? Many thanks. Regards, Jeanice

Alexander July 2012


Hi Michele!  I got the free trial lesson and one lesson that has to be paid. Everything was good, David is very professional tutor, I like his style of work and I would like to continue. Thank you in advance. Regards, Alexander

Meir July 2012


Mattia has been fantastic, as a teacher and as a person, so my  experiences w myplt so far has been fantastic and I'm recommending this method everywhere :)

Shannon July 2012

New Jersey

Dear Michelle,  I'm really enjoying my tutoring sessions in Spanish. I was hoping to start some in Arabic. Does myplt teach Arabic? Thanks, Shannon

Jon July 2012


Hi David, The lesson with Daniela went well. I would like to sign up for a Lesson package.  thanks, Jon

Mike July 2012


Dear MyPLT, I have concluded my first Japanese lesson and I am very satisfied with my tutor and the instruction I received.

Gary July 2012


The learning is going well and I've recommended MyPLT to a few people I know.  Gary

Cynthia July 2012

South Carolina

We are very pleased with Brianna’s lessons

Mary July 2012


Thanks! I'm really enjoying the classes. Daniela is an excellent teacher, patient, knowledegable, and fun!

Ann July 2012


Hi Michelle, how are you?  I quite enjoyed my lesson with Sofie. I am glad to have started! Ann

Carlos July 2012


By the way I wish to thank you for having Miho teach me she is very understanding . Miho takes her time to explain every thing I need to learn and shows me how to place every thing in order so I won't make a fool of myself . I love her she is great thank you.

Nina July 2012

New York

Dear Myplt,  I am really enjoying my Italian classes with Ileana, she is truly wonderful! The next language on my list is French! I am looking for a young dynamic teacher, who is fun and lively and can bring my French to the next level with fun conversations. Could you please match me with the right person. Thank you!  NINA

Alan June 2012

New Jersey

Rafa is great with very interesting lessons

Shilpa June 2012

New Jersey

I really liked how Martha presents the subject

Jorge June 2012


Dear Michelle and Daniela, Yesterday I had my first class with Daniela and it was great! She is a wonderful teacher
and I want to continue with her.

Elizaveta June 2012

New York

I highly recommend Alejandra as a Spanish Tutor. Alejandra is a very helpful, caring, and lively person. During the class we spoke only Spanish, and Alejandra corrected me every time I made a mistake. Alejandra is also a very nice teacher, having sent me copies of her textbook chapters and audio files. Whether you need help with your Spanish homework or want to improve your Spanish written and conversational skills with a Spanish-native speaker, get Alejandra as your Spanish Tutor!

Sophia June 2012


Hi Michele,  I have spent a few hours with Elise and wanted to let you know of my experience.

I'm so impressed by her knowledge and ability to explain to me what I need to know.  She's very professional, effective and pleasant to work with.  Because of this experience, I have increased our lessons to 1 hr which I always thought would be too long however they seem to pass so quickly.  What a gem to have on your staff.  I would recommend her to anyone.  thank you sophia

Rahul June 2012


Hey David, The first lesson was amazing!! This is exactly what I was looking for and I think Juan is an excellent match for me as a tutor. I like his style.  Thanks

Ruth June 2012


lleana is great and I'm having a great time learning Italian from her. Thanks. Ruth

Sarina June 2012

San Francisco

Hi Michelle, My trial lesson went great with Sofie!  I am very pleased with the session! Sarina

Lori June 2012

West Virginia

I'm so thankful that I can learn with myplt.  I tell everyone who wants to learn a second language about MyPLT.  
I have learned so much and am excited to continue learning.  Merci encore. Lori

Heather June 2012


I enjoyed the trial lesson and would like to set up my first paid lesson with Daniela for this Monday or Tuesday afternoon

Bruce May 2012


Hi Simone,  I had my first regular session with Elena yesterday. She is awesome! I look forward to having more sessions with her and to receiving my login. Thanks! Bruce

Asha May 2012

New Jersey

Hi Michelle,  Me and my husband were taking french classes with Sylvie and she is a great tutor and her method of teaching is great.

She really understood what we needed and tailored the classes according to that.  She is really patient and will explain to us until we make the corrections.  And she is always ready to put the extra effort when we need something And we really made great improvement in our French just by attending her classes for one week.  Thanks Asha and Manoj

Jen May 2012

Washington DC

Hi Michelle, Laurent and I had a great complimentary session today and are scheduled for tomorrow at 5pm EST. I told him I'd like to have daily lessons.  Thanks! Jen

Manoj May 2012

New Jersey

Hi Sylvie,  Hope you already know that our interview went very well.

thanks for the great training you provided to us.

The first statement interviewer told us, that "you got excellent academic and professional experience, so the deciding factor today, whether you will pass the interview or not is your knowledge in French"

And of course you were that deciding factor for us to perform very well

there. and that too within two weeks of training.  You played a big role in improving our listening skills, improving grammar, pronunciation etc....

The pronounciation of French interviewer was exactly like you, that was the only reason we understood, some of the key questions he asked.

You got an excellent way of teaching. with great knowledge, the exact pace, professionalism and organizing what you are going to teach us with the requirement from us.

Last but not the least, since you were very punctual and didnt rescheduled

even one time, helped us to cover all the topics we were looking for

(considering our time constraints)

thanks again for all your help!!!!!

Hi Michelle,  For people like us (with a small kid), this is a very good option to improve our French knowledge.  Also to get very productive sessions covering only WHAT WE NEED.  And Sylvie is a great asset to your team.

Thanks for all your immediate responses throughout the course. and

providing a great service whenever we faced issues.

We are planning to improve our French in coming months, and will reach out to you, when we come up with queries on French.

also we will recommend to my friends as well.  Thanks, Manoj

Lois May 2012

United Kingdom

Dear David, Many thanks for your help, as ever you and your team are super efficient.  Kind regards Lois

Susan April 2012


Hola.  My teacher - MariaLuz - She is wonderful

Susan April 2012

Washington DC

Thank you and Katja for continuing to make learning Russian fun and possible

Bill April 2012


I have enjoyed the Spanish tutoring sessions with MariaLuz...she has done a great job.

Levi April 2012


I am very pleased with my beginning lessons, and am anxious for more learning

Sandra April 2012


Michelle, I really loved Daniela and would like to schedule my next class for next week. Thank you, she was great! Happy Easter! Sandra

AliApril 2012


Hi Simone, I just wanted to let you know that I loved my complimentary lesson with Daniela. She is an excellent tutor and i really liked the format of the lessons. Many thanks, Ali

JoniMarch 2012


Hi, Michelle. I enjoyed my free trial with Maria and I look forward to booking more lessons.

CatherineMarch 2012


Hey there! This is Catherine. I just completed my trial lesson with Daniela and it was awesome! I have decided to continue taking lessons with her. We agreed upon Mondays and Wednesdays at 5pm. I am yet to purchase the book and extra resources. I thought i should let you know. Thank you again for the set up!

AmyMarch 2012


Thanks Michelle for setting up Jenny as my tutor, she was great. I look forward to working with her in the future. Amy

AustinMarch 2012


I'm extremely interested in continuing lessons with you. I very much enjoyed the lesson and it has been the best learning method I have tried so far. Thanks for everything!" Austin

SusanMarch 2012


David - Hola. My session with Maria Luz was really fun and I would like to schedule another one. Thank you. Buen fin de semana. Susan

MatthewMarch 2012


I had my first lesson and enjoyed it. I plan to take additional lessons from Daniela we agreed on once a week as I have been studying for 3 years and have a good grasp as of now.

TimMarch 2012


Hi David, I wanted to express my satisfaction with your language learning program. It works especially well for someone like myself who lives in the middle of nowhere. For instance over at your old stomping grounds they have a Russian Language conversation group every Thursday afternoon. However it takes me an hour and a half to drive over there and the investment in time is just too much so I never go. Also I never realized how effective the "personal" part of the program would be. I don't know if you have raised children, but children will go through a stage where they are speaking, but the only people that can understand them is their parents. When I lived in Texas and found myself as the only white man working amongst a group of spanish speaking hispanic men, they quickly learned my limited spanish vocabulary and we communicated in Spanish during my time at work. They would occasionally introduce me to a new word, just like a parent does for their child. Your program with the personal tutor mimicks that language learing development process. Your program also allows me to hit it harder during my slow times of the year. This is a much taller mountain to climb than I ever dreamed it would be when I first started, but I am determined to see it through. As always, huge kudos for Katya. She is very good, very patient and very dependable. all the best, Tim

Amber Shay11 December 2011

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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VivienMarch 2012


Thanks, David, I really appreciate your time and patience in helping me. I think MyPLT is a wonderful program and I hope when I feel stronger I will extend the lesson time. Thank you for creating MyPLT. Vivien

RebeccaMarch 2012


We love Linda and Simone. Two excellent teachers.

RitaMarch 2012

San Diego

I am very much enjoying my Lessons with Ada. She is a wonderful teacher, and a perfect match. We are doing high Italian, which is what I want. I very much appreciate your service.

GHMarch 2012

San Francisco

I had my first introductory lesson and was quite happy and wish to continue

CalebMarch 2012


Dear Kristina: Over the last two months I have enjoyed our daily German lessons together. Once again, thank you for all the lessons. Best wishes, *~Caleb*

KymMarch 2012

New York

Hello Simone: I am very happy to be paired with Miho. She is a great tutor and has a very fun energy. I am excited to learn more. Thank you for your assistance, Kym

YurinaMarch 2012

New Jersey

I love working with you as well. Thanks so much!! Yurina

SandrineMarch 2012


I really enjoyed my trial lesson with Francisco!

MyraMarch 2012

South Africa

HI Michelle: Thank you for your introduction to Juan Carlos he is beyond incredible so at this stage I think I will stick to lessons with him.. at least until I feel I have reached a level of comfort and then look to expand... He is challenging me so much right now I don't think I can cope with anything more... Thank you so much for your fantastic support and service - Myra

Annah March 2012


Hi David, So the trial with Yurina went very well!

WylieMarch 2012


We had a trial lesson with Daniela today, she is really terrific and we enjoyed the lesson very much.

AntonioMarch 2012


David: Please notice that Daniela Avila exceeded my expectations as a teacher. She has been amazing. Not only is she a great Portuguese teacher, but she is also a very smart and highly educated person. This makes her a very interesting person to talk to. We had great conversations, which kept me interested and engaged. However, she never forgot the reasons why I was taking lessons and after each chat she took a few minutes to correct my mistakes and help me improve my conversation skills. Her mastery of the grammar and teaching techniques is amazing. Also, when selecting discussion topics or reading articles, she always showed a great ability to find those topics that were most relevant for me. The course was so personalized and entertaining that we managed to squeeze a couple of years of language learning into 15 lessons. I was in Sao Paulo two weeks ago and I had to conduct business meetings in Portuguese. People were very impressed with my Portuguese language skills. I kept thinking to myself - "That's because I have a great teacher". Thanks again for this great service and I will definitely recommend MYPLT to friends and family. Best, Antonio

Maria EvaFebruary 2012


Hallo Michelle: Super, herzlichen Dank. Die Lektionen mit David sind super. Ich bin sehr glücklich. Herzliche Grüsse. Maria Eva

BenjaminFebruary 2012


Hi Michelle, Just wanted to report back on my first lesson with Juan. She is fantastic and I am looking forward to many lessons with her. Thanks for all your help in coordinating for me! Alles gute,Benjamin

ShirleyFebruary 2012


David, Diane has had her first lesson and is very excited.

DianeFebruary 2012


Michelle: I was very pleased with my teacher assignment for the free lesson and am looking forward to working with Rafa.

TaraFebruary 2012


Good afternoon David, Jared had his first trial lesson today with Ileana and it went very well.

GreggFebruary 2012


I need to give you my credit card for online Spanish lessons with Martha ...she is GREAT! Call me at your convenience, Gregg

MyraFebruary 2012

South Africa

Thank you Michelle, Ana is fantastic and I loved my lesson. I would like it all to be conversational. Thank you both. Myra

ParkerFebruary 2012


Hi Michelle, My lesson with Daniela was great. I would like to schedule more. Thanks, Parker

NickFebruary 2012


The quality is excellent. We are thrilled and will be in contact if any minor corrections are necessary. At first listen though, they seem outstanding! Thank you all so much for the speedy turnaround. I'm in the process of storyboarding our next 2-3 book series and they all should be pretty basic as well. I'm hopeful you'd be able to deliver equally as impressive quality work with an equally impressive turnaround.

CarlaFebruary 2012


Thank you very much for your assistance in setting this up. I absolutely LOVE my tutor and look forward to my lessons. I know she is going to be the key to my success. Carla

BillFebruary 2012


I'm enjoying my weekly tutoring sessions with MariaLuz... Gracias, Bill

NickFebruary 2012


Michelle continues to be an absolute rock-star. I couldn't be happier with her performance managing the other tutors. Regards, Nick

HayatFebruary 2012


Hello David: I am really grateful for your efforts and patience today. For me, it was a successful session as first time. The students were motivated and excited to listen and talk to you. You are doing a great job with us David. The students got valuable information to write their essay. Thank you, Hayat

SabineFebruary 2012


Thanks, David! The lessons were great! Katie had a successful semester in Italy and will be continuing to study languages and linguistics at the University level! Sabine

TzerilFebruary 2012


Alejandra was a grrrrrrrrrrrreat tutor! I really learned so much from her! Thanks, Tzeril

Laila February 2012


We would like to state again how extraordinary all the boys’ tutors are. (and mine too (rafa)) and willing to accomodate the boys and the school’s needs! Laila

Lisa February 2012


Hi Michelle, I had my trial lesson with Mona, and she is an excellent instructor. Thanks so much, Lisa

Steve February 2012

United Kingdom

Enjoyed learning Italian with Giacomo a great deal, he is a very patient teacher!

Chris February 2012


Hello David, thank you for arranging the trial class with Rafael. I very much enjoyed talking to him. He has a great approach to teaching Spanish over the Internet. Best, Chris

Ed February 2012


Dear David, Katja is an excellent instructor and I do desire to start up my lessons again with her. Best regards, Edward

NicosiaJanuary 2012


Dear David, Naomi is great. My daughter loved her lesson and we would love to continue with her.

AngelaJanuary 2012


Hello, So I just finished my trial lesson with Alla and I was very pleased with her and the progress we made. Thank you, Angela

HakimaJanuary 2012


I was very pleased with the first trial French lesson and with Mrs Linda.

GrantJanuary 2012


David, Thanks. I'm sure I will use your services again in the future. I liked my experiences with your company and the tutors. Thanks, Grant

Maria LuzJanuary 2012

South Carolina

Francesca, I will miss your charming presence in my computer every week ….because I enjoy every class a lot.!

TerryJanuary 2012


Dear Simone: Today Anna and I met for the first time. She did an outstanding job!....an excellent lesson Many Thanks, Terry

RickJanuary 2012


As usual, thanks for your service. I'm always recommending MyPLT to friends.

MarcosJanuary 2012


David – you are amazing! All MBA essays submitted

GabiJanuary 2012


I am learning Spanish with Rafa of your organisation which is a great pleasure for me. He is a wonderful teacher. I wish you a successfull, healthy and happy new year. Gabi

JoeyJanuary 2012


Hi David - Maria Luz and I finished our first lesson. I thought she did a great job. It was a lot of fun. She's an excellent teacher. We scheduled our next session for Tuesday. Thanks. Joey

MarkJanuary 2012


Hello David, Thank you for arranging the Japanese lessons with Masako. I had my trial lesson and Masako was very friendly, patient and professional. I know that I will learn quickly with her instruction. I also enjoyed having the lesson at home using Skype.Thanks again for your kind assistance. Mark

MaylingJanuary 2012


I’d be interested in restarting Mandarin lessons. I had a wonderful experience with Ji – Katie – as she’s a terrific tutor and a fun, kind person.

YuanfanJanuary 2012


Hi David, Jenny, she is fantastic. My kids absolutely love her lessons. She gives challenging work and explains concepts so well. We think she is a excellent teacher. What a luck! Thanks again, Yuanfan

LailaJanuary 2012


Thanks for the great language lessons for all of us. Laila

RitaJanuary 2012

San Diego

Dear David: I have just finished my lesson with Ada and it is a match! Thank you for finding the right person. I am most grateful Kind Regards, Rita

TerryJanuary 2012


Thank You Simone …you are a GREAT FACILITATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Simone

Thank you for introduce Claudine baker to Camelia wu.

Camelia is pleasure to learn with Claudine every Sunday, she will continuous study french for a long time.

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