What We Do

Online Language Tutors

We teach people to be comfortable in spontaneous conversation in a second or an additional language.

We do not teach Russian Literature or French History. We teach you to respond at the spur-of-the-moment in Madrid when a person says “Don’t forget your glasses”. You did not expect that question, yet you quickly answered.

Classroom teaching generally has a theme for the lesson, and it is easy to keep on track. But you want to be comfortable and effective in manipulating the Language when you stop at a traffic light and a passer-by says “hey, there is oil leaking from under your car!”

That is our goal at MyPLT.

Who are our Students?

Our Students want to be more involved in the increasingly international environment - a Los Angeles surgeon with mostly Spanish-speaking patients, an American company outsourcing technical work to Ukraine, a senior citizen who likes vacationing in France, an Asian college student working toward “Test of English as a Foreign Language”.

We welcome corporate clients for whom we can offer tailored instruction in a variety of Languages for different employees. Individuals can take a Lesson from their desk, with no downtime from work.

Who are our Online Tutors?

Our Online Tutors are all native speakers of the target Language, who are current with today's usage, and who know your goals. Our Online Tutors have all learned other Languages and understand the challenge.

Our online tutors are often in a different country than their Student. This promotes cultural exchange as well as language learning!

What are our tutoring methods?

Our Online Tutors provide your lessons using Internet Telephone and Instant Message.

We leverage easily available materials to suit your situation, such as CDs to listen to in your car – so part of your learning is on your own time.

We give you homework to consolidate the work learned in the Lessons, and we give you tests to manage your development.

Our online “Academic Manager” system tracks your Lessons, payments and progress.